Actively promoting campus health and wellness Orientation Special Issue | Vol. 3, Number 11 Surviving the First Weeks of School HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR STUDENT HEALTH 101 EXPERIENCE Register your primary email address to make sure you receive eac Pulse News, tips, and statistics on health issues affecting today’s college studentsCrank up the Transitions: Surviving the First Weeks of College > BY ANDREW CARRANZA A ccording to Slippery Rock University (SRU) senior Jake > BY CALLIE SCHWEITZER Budgeting Tips That Really Add Up Eighteen-year-old Kyle Sircus, a freshman at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, to keep their spending in check, most college students don’t allow their money to work for them, according to Donovan. Sage advice from her paren CONNECTIONS > BY LORI MORTIMER Starting college can be disorienting. Gone are the familiar faces and hangouts you have known for most of your According to a June 2007 College Health Services, LLC, survey, well over half of students were concerned that school work and/or a job would leave Time for Success: Simple Solutions for Managing Your Time Now > BY AMY BALDWIN “Time is on my side, yes it is.” —The Rolling Stones Weoln work, then you know that you must An Hour a Day…Keeps Procrastination Away The Hour-a-Day Time Management Plan can help you take control of all that f Paper Due October 25 at 2 p.m. Choose a topic Brainstorm/freewrite on topic Draft thesis Create outline Write draft Visit writing lab Write sec student voices Student Health 101TM > Actively promoting campus health and wellness > www.studenthealt Katz advises students interested in beginning their own clubs to get support. “Don't do it all by yourself,” she said. After studying abroad in Ge combination of undergrads and older people, since a lot of alums stick around after they graduate,” she said. “People are really good about inte- From ZZZ's to As: Sleep Can Improve Grades and More Are you getting enough sleep each night? If you’re like most American college students, the an Point Taken > BY ANDREW CARRANZA Time to Get Both Phases in Eight to nine hours may sound like a lot of time for an overworked person to invest i SCROLL over to see Jorge Escamilla at Columbia College in Chicago talk about his sleep 1 i l t s t t t s t “ s t R B T Accidents involving a sleepy driver cause more than 40, Holzhauser can relate. “Homesickness was something that definitely hit me hard,” he said. “You don't realize how much you are going to miss home w experience, said DePaul's Gribbon. But students should be careful about trying too hard to fit in, particularly when it comes to using alcohol or you to go out,” Holzhauser said. “But ing with uncertainty,” said Bolden. f Point Taken > BY ANDREW CARRANZA > BY BROOKE HEATH Don’t Let a Breakup Break You Down B reaking up with a significant other is something that many of us have dealt with or wi
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